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COW - Correlates Of War country codes and numbers
WB - World Bank
a - ratings based on Amnesty International reports
s - ratings based on US State Department reports

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Country COW COW# WB
Yemen NorthYAR678
Yemen SouthYPR680

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Political Terror Scale Levels

 5  : Terror has expanded to the whole population. The leaders of these societies place no limits on the means or thoroughness
with which they pursue personal or ideological goals.

 4  : Civil and political rights violations have expanded to large numbers of the population. Murders, disappearances,and torture are a common part of life. In spite of its generality, on this level terror affects those who interest themselves
in politics or ideas.

 3  : There is extensive political imprisonment, or a recent history of such imprisonment. Execution or other political murders and brutality may be common. Unlimited detention, with or without a trial, forpolitical views is accepted.

 2  : There is a limited amount of imprisonment for nonviolent political activity. However, few persons are affected, torture and beatings are exceptional. Political murder is rare.

 1  : Countries under a secure rule of law, people are not imprisoned for their view, and torture is rare or exceptional. Political murders are extremely rare.


Amnesty International . US State Department

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